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The finance sector’s evolution has made the procedure of applying for a loan pretty straightforward and easy. Now, you don’t need to upload any document online. Most importantly, you should choose a trusted online payday loan lender and carefully follow their online loan procedure.

An online loan refers to a quick loan where a private money lender receives the loan application from a person who is an employee or runs a business. The customer fills the detail correctly to the lender’s application online. In the next step, the payday loan lender verifies the person’s details and approves the application. The customer gets the loan approval update on their email along with the loan contract. The loan amount transfers to the customer account within the same day or next business day in the final step. is an online loan provider in California. We understand our customers’ urgent need for money and facilitate online and offline services to apply for a quick short loan.


Are Online Loans safe?

It depends. There are quite a few “broker’ site where they take your information and resubmit to many lenders for approval and many are not trustworthy. At we are a State licensed payday loan service and direct a lender.  You can rest assure that your information are safe and secure with us.


What are the different types of Online Loans?

Online loans are available in three categories based on the amount and duration of the loan.


Payday Loans

A payday loan is a short-term loan. It is the fast medium of applying and receiving the loan amount on the same or next day. As per the California payday loan regulation, a maximum loan amount of $300 is applicable. The loan amount is taken for 31 days with the maximum finance charge of 15% for every $100.

A payday loan is designed to pay in total amount, and then once the amount is fully paid, the user can submit another loan application.


Title Loans

A title loan is also similar to a payday loan. Moneylender requires the customer’s credit card score, financial statement, and other consideration. The title secures a title loan to your car, truck, or motorcycle.

To qualify for online title loans in California, you would need the following:

  • The loan amount must be the state’s minimum loan amount of $2,510 or more.
  • The value of the vehicle must be greater than the amount of the loan
  • The user should demonstrate how will he or she repay the loan.

Personal Installment Loans

An installment loan is for a slightly higher amount. People apply for an Instalment loan to fulfill their commercial or personal needs. Each of the regular payments for the loan includes a part of the principal amount and a part of the interest on the debt.

Essential factors like the amount borrowed, the interest of the loan, the loan term, etc., are required to schedule payment of the Instalment loan.

Online Loan Terms in California:  

Being familiar with all the state online loan lending terms keeps the individual safe from illegal lenders and maintains the transparency between the lending firm and the customer.

The borrower should be informed about all the essential points that come under the Federal Truth and Lending Act:

  • The borrower should be informed about the clear cost of the loan
  • The loan processing fee should also be conveyed to the customer
  • The lender must disclose the annual percentage rate, i.e., APR
  • The online payday lender in California must give detailed loan terms in writing before the customer authorizes the loan.

OnlinePAYDAYNow follows every online loan term regulated in the state. Let us see the rates and terms Specifically for state California:

State: California

Regulation: Civil Code 1789.30 et. seq. Financial Code 23000 et seq.

Max. loan amount: $300

Loan term: Maximum 31 days

Finance charges: 

  • The loan fee charges should not exceed 15% of the face amount of the check.
  • APR should be 460%

California Loan Disclosure: 

Whether it’s a fast online loan or a personal loan from a bank, it requires a closing disclosure between the borrower and lender. Lending firms are required to provide your closing disclosure three business days before your scheduled closing.

A document is released by the state consist of all the necessary loan details that consist of the Borrowed amount, fee charged, the amount due, duration of the loan, and APR.

In case of “Insufficient fund,” $15.00 charges will be applied.

The detail will be shown as the following:

Amount borrowed: $100

Fee charged: $17.65

Amount due: $117.65

Days: 14

APR: 460.16

Days: 30

APR: 214.47%

Important note to customer: does not threaten or apply criminal charges against any customer to collect funds.   

Essential Information for Customers: 

Whenever we opt for an online loan in California, the first thought strikes the mind is about the lending firm’s authorization. The California department strongly recommends checking and verifying the payday lender’s license to save yourself from cheating.

California online lending law ensures that all the lending stores must be licensed from the Department of Business oversight to operate in the state. Such a measure was taken mainly to take care of the customer’s rights and protect them from fraudulent actions.

Requirements to Get A Payday Loan in California: 

If you are wondering about your eligibility to apply for a payday loan online in California or not, then you need to qualify for these:

  • California payday loan is only provided to the state resident. If you don’t live in California, you need to look for other resources to help you get a fast online loan.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have an active checking account
  • Have a valid contact number and an active email address
  • You should have your proof of income and valid identification.

The Bottom Line

Online loans is a convenient way to get fast cash. However not all online lenders are licensed, safe or reputable. is a licensed, bonded, direct lender.

We are here to help you!

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