Fast Funding Payday Loan
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Loan Amount

Up to $255

Loan Terms

8-31 days


$17.65 per $100

Rates & Terms

Amount Financed/Loan Amount
This is the loan amount we approved and you agreed to finance.

Loan fees/Finance Charges
The loan fee is the fee we charge you for borrowing funds and is specific to your state of residence.

Due date
The date on which you must repay your loan. You may repay early with no penalty.

Loan Terms
Duration of loan which determined by your paycheck cycle. This loan term determines your due date based on your next paycheck schedule.

Due Amount
Amount due is Amount Financed plus Loan Fee. This is the amount you pay on your due date.

APR (annual percentage rate) is a measure of the cost of credit, expressed as a yearly rate

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